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  • Teachers can easily film their own lessons and improve via-self-review
  • Remote classroom observations are made easy via live view
  • Easily review, tag and share best practice within and outside school/college
  • Instantly create highlight videos of your lesson with StarEdit
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  • Create clip banks of your best practice tagged to Ofsted or 2012 Standards
  • Readymade Teaching School Alliance best practice portal
  • App enables sport, field trips, transition, WBL and more to be centrally managed
  • Easily flip lessons and receive pupil feedback before the next lesson

Star Lesson is a full circle Video Learning Solution for your School or College

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    Kit: App, mobile unit and fixed room
    Video Learning made simple - easily film and improve your lessons, assemblies, sports matches, field trips, transition days, and more

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    Software: Easily film, tag, edit, share and improve whole lessons and lesson clips
    Star Lesson makes the process of Video Learning totally intuitive

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    Software: Easily film, tag, edit, share and improve whole lessons and lesson clips. Star Lesson makes the process of Video Learning totally intuitive

  • Solutions

    Solutions: A full-circle Video Learning Suite offering solutions for: Self-filming & improving via self-review, Remote observation, Creating clip banks of best practice, Field trips, assemblies, sport, etc, Parental engagement, Work based learning and Transition

Case_Study #20: Neale-Wade Academy - Cambridgeshire


What Neale-Wade Academy is all about

At Neale-Wade Academy teachers track the progress and achievement of individual students so that all staff are kept aware of particular needs that may develop. It is very important to us that our students are secure and happy and that their school life is a memorable experience which will form the basis of a rich and rewarding later life. We have the highest expectations of our students and continually look for opportunities to widen their horizons and encourage their ambition.

Our students benefit from highly qualified, hard-working and committed staff who recognise the importance of ensuring that learning is active, exciting and build strong relationships. Challenging lessons are taught across a wide range of academic and vocational courses. There is a strong system of support, which helps students to manage their learning, build confidence and maximise opportunity. Our solid traditional values of equality, inspiration, excellence, friendship and determination sit firmly at the heart of what we do and what our students learn to see as important to them. Behaviour for learning is an essential part of what we do every day.


Why you chose Star Lesson over other solutions?

At Neale-Wade we have an extensive CPD programme and it is standard practise for staff to be involved on a weekly basis in accessing the programme and developing their own career pathways. Star lesson is an excellent example of this as it allows teachers to see their practice and reflect in an active way either on their own or as part of a team or supportive CPD package. It has also allowed us to hold open “Star Lesson Days” which are where all day is filmed across the academy and staff can drop in and observe colleagues remotely. This has allowed fantastic CPD conversations to take place in real time without disrupting lessons.


What were your objectives for Star Lesson?

Our objective was simply to get staff actively reflecting on their own practice. We wanted them to understand that this process is a crucial part of their own development as effective teachers, TAs and learners.


How has Star Lesson shown impact in relation to your objectives?

Our attendance on our Star Lesson days has grown substantially where we now invite our primary partner schools in so that they can understand and share best practice between schools. 

Staff have become more independent in their booking of Star lesson as they have trust that only those they choose, will be able to access the video. 

Our lesson observation grading has improved since we have introduced Star lesson, with our percentage of 'Good or better' lessons increasing quarter on quarter and our percentage of 'inadequate' lessons dropping quarter on quarter.


What next for Star Lesson?

We will continue to use Star lesson to enhance our teaching and learning through our systematic CPD programme which includes:

- peer observations

- recorded CPD sessions 

- linked work with out primaries during Star lesson days

- recorded Teach Meets to share with staff who aren’t able to attend. 


Customer quote

“Star lesson has been instrumental in ensuring that we can improve our teaching and learning to ensure that our students experience good or outstanding lessons all day, every day.”

Lindsay Waggitt - Lead Practitioner

Trusted partner of Teaching Schools and their Alliances across the UK