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The world’s most advanced video learning solution for schools, colleges and universities.

  • Teachers can easily film their own lessons and improve via-self-review
  • Remote classroom observations are made easy via live view
  • Easily review, tag and share best practice within and outside school/college
  • Instantly create highlight videos of your lesson with StarEdit
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  • Create clip banks of your best practice tagged to Ofsted or 2012 Standards
  • Readymade Teaching School Alliance best practice portal
  • App enables sport, field trips, transition, WBL and more to be centrally managed
  • Easily flip lessons and receive pupil feedback before the next lesson

Star Lesson is a full circle Video Learning Solution for your School or College

  • Kit

    Kit: App, mobile unit and fixed room
    Video Learning made simple - easily film and improve your lessons, assemblies, sports matches, field trips, transition days, and more

  • The Cloud

    Software: Easily film, tag, edit, share and improve whole lessons and lesson clips
    Star Lesson makes the process of Video Learning totally intuitive

  • The Full Package

    Software: Easily film, tag, edit, share and improve whole lessons and lesson clips. Star Lesson makes the process of Video Learning totally intuitive

  • Solutions

    Solutions: A full-circle Video Learning Suite offering solutions for: Self-filming & improving via self-review, Remote observation, Creating clip banks of best practice, Field trips, assemblies, sport, etc, Parental engagement, Work based learning and Transition

Star Lesson joins forces with JMC to offer the revolutionary Transformational Teacher Coaching Programme


We’re exceptionally excited to announce that Star Lesson has joined forces with JMC, one of the UK’s best-of-breed educational consultancy companies, to offer a wholly unique programme that utilises leading educational coaches and leading video-based CPD technology to help facilitate continual and tangible improvement across a broad spectrum of school focuses.

JMC and Star Lesson have devised a completely revolutionary programme called the Transformational Teacher Coaching Programme that enables schools to use video-based teacher CPD in a targeted and sustained way to improve key aspects of their school. The coaching programme can be over a choice of timescales and budgets, and can also involve cloud-based collaboration between school and coach via Star Lesson’s cloud based portal, Lesson Gems. Whether schools have an incumbent Star Lesson system or not we are able to provide you with the technology for the duration of the project.

The Transformational Teacher Coaching Programme enables schools’ SLT’s to harness the power of video-based CPD technology as well as the in-depth knowledge of JMCs coaches to tangibly improve any chosen focus area. The tangibility is, in part, provided by the resulting video-based evidence of the project that the programme produces. The resulting video-based evidence is a powerful legacy of the programme and can be utilised within the school for continuing CPD after the programme has finished.

To enquire about the Transformational Teacher Coaching Program please call Star Lesson on 0800 634 7028

A word from our MD

"Star Lesson has been looking for a long time for an Education coaching company with individuals that care as passionately about helping schools be the best they can be as Star Lesson does. JMC is a fantastic operation that immediately understood how video-based CPD can interact with a coach-linked cloud-based solution to enable schools and colleges to improve their teaching and learning environments in a collaborative, sustained and tangible way."

Hamish Chalmers, Star Lesson Managing Director

Trusted partner of Teaching Schools and their Alliances across the UK