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The world’s most advanced video learning solution for schools, colleges and universities.

  • Teachers can easily film their own lessons and improve via-self-review
  • Remote classroom observations are made easy via live view
  • Easily review, tag and share best practice within and outside school/college
  • Instantly create highlight videos of your lesson with StarEdit
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  • Create clip banks of your best practice tagged to Ofsted or 2012 Standards
  • Readymade Teaching School Alliance best practice portal
  • App enables sport, field trips, transition, WBL and more to be centrally managed
  • Easily flip lessons and receive pupil feedback before the next lesson

Star Lesson is a full circle Video Learning Solution for your School or College

  • Kit

    Kit: App, mobile unit and fixed room
    Video Learning made simple - easily film and improve your lessons, assemblies, sports matches, field trips, transition days, and more

  • The Cloud

    Software: Easily film, tag, edit, share and improve whole lessons and lesson clips
    Star Lesson makes the process of Video Learning totally intuitive

  • The Full Package

    Software: Easily film, tag, edit, share and improve whole lessons and lesson clips. Star Lesson makes the process of Video Learning totally intuitive

  • Solutions

    Solutions: A full-circle Video Learning Suite offering solutions for: Self-filming & improving via self-review, Remote observation, Creating clip banks of best practice, Field trips, assemblies, sport, etc, Parental engagement, Work based learning and Transition

Launch of new platform, Star Skills


The background:

The world of video-based teacher CPD has developed and moved on rapidly over the past few years, with teachers and SLTs no longer being satisfied with being able to simply film, tag and share best practice from their classrooms. SLTs and teachers now want a whole plethora of new functionality such as intuitive software driven roadmaps to simplify and focus the process of filming; in-built collaboration features regardless of geographical location; SLT management portals; increased teacher autonomy; ability to ‘flip’ content to teachers and learners; functionality to work collaboratively in trios within or outside the school; inbuilt flexibility of the solution to enable learner or teacher focus; ability to easily share best practice with parents.

At Star Lesson our R&D team have been exhaustive in their response to feedback from the 1000’s of schools that we work with. Our latest software platform, Star Skills, is a distilled platform that harnesses the very latest and most requested video-based CPD features and combines them into a powerful package that has a simple raison d’etre: to provide a clear, video-based CPD roadmap that systematically and measurably improves teacher effectiveness and learner outcomes.

How Star Skills takes video-based CPD to the next level:

 1.    Ability to embed quickly and effectively

Video-based CPD must progress to whole school use as quickly as possible. If staff do not see tangible evidence that a new technology will help them or their learners they, quite understandably, will not engage with the technology. Without teacher engagement the new technology will fail to embed.

Star Skills enables SLTs to select an initial focus group of teachers and to give them a bespoke one month project. Each teacher in this initial group has a clear focus and a very simple roadmap to follow. At the end of the month each teacher will have a ‘before’ and ‘after’ snapshot of how they have improved teaching and learning. This tangible evidence of improvement is then a highly effective tool to encourage the rest of the staff to fully engage.

 2.   Need for focus

When a teacher is given the ability to film their lesson they need to know what they are focusing on. Without focus they will simply end up with the whole lesson – which will generally mean, due to time constraints, they won’t have the time to go back over and extract the relevant sections.

Star Skills means that whenever a teacher is filming in their classroom they know exactly what and why they are filming. The focus might be plenaries, questioning, resilience or progress of designated learners – whatever the focus the platform will automatically put that specific focus video clip into a sequential set of tranches. Teachers are also able to tweak their focus objectives as they proceed to adapt to their progression.

  3.  Clear Roadmap with measurable impact

When a teacher has filmed a lesson with a specific focus they need to know what to do next. Do they create a clip bank of best practice, do they share with a colleague, do they critique themselves, do they repeat the process – what is the end goal? There needs to be a beginning, middle and an end of the process. Similarly, SLT need to have a handle on what the intended objectives are to be achieved from the process, as well as having the ability to monitor progress and, crucially, be able to end up with solid statistics for each project so they can gauge impact on teaching and learning.

Star Skills enables SLTs to manage single or multiple projects from the platform’s SLT control panel. Every teacher, whenever they are filming, knows exactly what they are filming (focus) and they know exactly what stage of the process they are at and what is coming next (roadmap). Although SLTs can see what stage every teacher is at, so as to aid project management, complete teacher autonomy and privacy is retained by teachers’ videos only being accessible by the teacher that filmed it. Measurable impact is provided to SLTs by teachers’ self-assessment as they progress through the clear stages of each project.

   4.  SLT designed yet Teacher controlled and driven

The SLT needs to be the driving force in deciding what the teachers will be working on and on being able to effectively measure the impact of each project. However, the gauging of effectiveness can’t, in any way, compromise the autonomy or privacy of the teachers – teachers' lessons must be private unless the teacher decides to share, and teachers’ enthusiasm for the project must be the key driver – without genuine teacher enthusiasm for a CPD initiative the initiative will fail.

Star Skills enables SLTs to roll out video-based projects for the whole school or create bespoke projects for individual/groups of teachers. Once the SLT has created a project, the platform automatically rolls it out to all the selected teachers. The platform then naturally encourages the teachers to drive the project forward by, crucially, enabling them to autonomously work through to project completion. The ability for teachers to collaborate in Lesson Study in pairs or trios is easy – the choice is theirs.

   5.  Lesson Study influence

Having provided the technology behind one of the UK’s largest Lesson Study projects we know a thing or two about this extremely effective process and how video-based technology slots into its fundamentals.

Star Skills’ key features such as SLT designed but teacher driven; methodical project sections with tweakable objectives; and trio collaboration with learner and/or teacher focus are all features taken directly from Lesson Study technique.

Existing Star Lesson customers:

Star Skills will be ready and waiting for you to use when your Lesson Land server performs its next automatic upgrade! If you would like further training do please contact us for details.

If you currently use another video-based CPD solution:

If you don’t have Star Lesson and are, perhaps, using another brand of video-based CPD technology then you really need to experience the power of Star Skills first hand – please click here to organise a roadshow for you and your SLT.


A word from our MD

Star Skills is one of our largest software upgrades to date and will take video-based CPD to another level for all our client schools. The new platform greatly simplifies the process of using classroom video to improve teaching and learning and draws much of its simplicity and power directly from Lesson Study methodology.

Hamish Chalmers, Star Lesson Managing Director

Trusted partner of Teaching Schools and their Alliances across the UK