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The world’s most advanced video learning solution for schools, colleges and universities.

  • Teachers can easily film their own lessons and improve via-self-review
  • Remote classroom observations are made easy via live view
  • Easily review, tag and share best practice within and outside school/college
  • Instantly create highlight videos of your lesson with StarEdit
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  • Create clip banks of your best practice tagged to Ofsted or 2012 Standards
  • Readymade Teaching School Alliance best practice portal
  • App enables sport, field trips, transition, WBL and more to be centrally managed
  • Easily flip lessons and receive pupil feedback before the next lesson

Star Lesson is a full circle Video Learning Solution for your School or College

  • Kit

    Kit: App, mobile unit and fixed room
    Video Learning made simple - easily film and improve your lessons, assemblies, sports matches, field trips, transition days, and more

  • The Cloud

    Software: Easily film, tag, edit, share and improve whole lessons and lesson clips
    Star Lesson makes the process of Video Learning totally intuitive

  • The Full Package

    Software: Easily film, tag, edit, share and improve whole lessons and lesson clips. Star Lesson makes the process of Video Learning totally intuitive

  • Solutions

    Solutions: A full-circle Video Learning Suite offering solutions for: Self-filming & improving via self-review, Remote observation, Creating clip banks of best practice, Field trips, assemblies, sport, etc, Parental engagement, Work based learning and Transition

Lesson Gems Lesson Gems

Lesson Gems

Takes CPD into the cloud and onto the next level

Lesson Gems is a completely unique and revolutionary solution enabling teachers to easily share lessons and best practice with their colleagues, pupils, parents and partner schools within or outside the UK.

Teaching School Alliances

Teaching School Alliances

Collaboration across the whole alliance

Teaching School Alliances can cover large geographical areas, having a tool that lets each school effectively and cost effectively communicate with each other is imperative. Lesson Gems does just this by enabling the whole Alliance to work together through a private and personally tailored cloud based portal.

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Interschool Collaboration

Interschool collaboration

Enables school departments to work together more easily

School departments work together every school day but often require a simple channel to formulate and execute their strategy – Lesson Gems enables this by easily letting departments create their own channels and share their best practise, agenda and ideas.

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Project Based

Project based

Focussed cloud collaboration

Lesson Gems has a feature that lets users create projects within their Alliance channels that can be given titles, intended outcomes, as well as allowing text documents, images and videos to be uploaded and voted on. Looking to work on an Alliance wide project on how to improve plenaries across all Alliance schools? Lesson Gems and Star Lesson makes it simple by enabling the actual plenaries to be filmed, tagged, archived and discussed. The completed project can be graded in accordance with its original intended outcomes and then shared with any interested parties.

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Show Video In Class

Show in Class videos

Hundreds of videos to use in class

Lesson Gems has scoured many online resources for interesting content to be used as lesson starters and/or supplementary material for a lesson.

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Flip Any Lesson

Flip any lesson

Easily perform one of the world’s hottest teaching methods

Lesson Gems enables any video (whole lesson, YouTube clip, etc.) to be flipped to pupils. Flipping can be performed by either sending pupils a link and/or letting pupils scan a QR code. When a video is flipped there is a feedback form for each pupil, letting the teacher know who has watched the video and what each individual pupil thought of the video before the lesson the next day.

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