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The world’s most advanced video learning solution for schools, colleges and universities.

  • Teachers can easily film their own lessons and improve via-self-review
  • Remote classroom observations are made easy via live view
  • Easily review, tag and share best practice within and outside school/college
  • Instantly create highlight videos of your lesson with StarEdit
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  • Create clip banks of your best practice tagged to Ofsted or 2012 Standards
  • Readymade Teaching School Alliance best practice portal
  • App enables sport, field trips, transition, WBL and more to be centrally managed
  • Easily flip lessons and receive pupil feedback before the next lesson

Star Lesson is a full circle Video Learning Solution for your School or College

  • Kit

    Kit: App, mobile unit and fixed room
    Video Learning made simple - easily film and improve your lessons, assemblies, sports matches, field trips, transition days, and more

  • The Cloud

    Software: Easily film, tag, edit, share and improve whole lessons and lesson clips
    Star Lesson makes the process of Video Learning totally intuitive

  • The Full Package

    Software: Easily film, tag, edit, share and improve whole lessons and lesson clips. Star Lesson makes the process of Video Learning totally intuitive

  • Solutions

    Solutions: A full-circle Video Learning Suite offering solutions for: Self-filming & improving via self-review, Remote observation, Creating clip banks of best practice, Field trips, assemblies, sport, etc, Parental engagement, Work based learning and Transition

Self Filming


Improving via self-review

At the heart of Star Lesson is the simple concept that teachers can improve their own teaching by watching themselves teach. Teaching is, in many ways, a performance art and is very well suited to self-review via video analysis. Teachers can very easily film their own lessons with a simple swipe of their dibbba and they are then, equally easily, able to review, tag and improve their teaching via self-review.

Another crucial element of teachers filming their own lesson is that teachers must wholly trust the process. Star Lesson’s hardware and software is very much on the side of the teacher – enabling each teacher to film and review their lessons in complete privacy. All lesson footage is password protected and it is entirely up to individual teachers if they wish to share or delete lesson videos.

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Remote Observation

Remote Observation

Easily observe and tag lessons live from anywhere

Having used Star Lesson to film themselves, teachers will begin to request that Star Lesson is used to conduct their official observations. With a member of the SLT sat at the back of the classroom dynamics are inevitably changed, when Star Lesson is used the classroom dynamics are kept as near to normal as possible. By simply clicking on the ‘Observe Lesson’ button Star Lesson will automatically locate the mobile unit wherever it is in the school and will enable the lesson to be observed and tagged live from any PC around the school. As well as tagging live, the remote observer is also able to move the cameras around and zoom in and out – the resulting lesson video thus offers the observee immediate feedback as well as a produced film of their lesson.

Another benefit of the observer and observee both having copies of the tagged lesson is that powerful dialogue can now take place around the actual lesson footage, rather than the dialogue simply being based around the observer’s hand written notes on the traditional observation form.

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Clip/Video Banks of Best Practice

Clip/Video banks of best practice

No 3rd party editing software required

Star Lesson’s software makes it very easy for teachers to not only pull out individual clips from their lesson, but also to stitch clips together to create a highlight video of their lesson. The teacher can do all of this within Star Lesson, thus removing the need for overly complex 3rd party video editing software.

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Parental Engagement

Parental engagement

Involve your pupils’ parents with school activities

“Parents who are more involved in their adolescent's schooling, regardless of parents' gender or educational level, have offspring who do better in school, irrespective of the child's gender, ethnicity or family structure.

Bogenschneider” (1999)

Lesson Gems enables schools to share specific content with parents, as well as enabling parents to feedback to the school what their thoughts are.

Please contact Lesson Gems HQ to find out how we can offer you this bespoke solution.

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School Activities

School activities

Sports matches, assemblies, field trips, etc are easily filmed and shared with pupils, staff, parents and other schools.

Of particular use here is Star Lesson’s app which has been designed to work outside of schools’ wireless networks. This means that the app can be taken to away sports matches, field trips, etc and the resulting footage will upload once the user returns to the school with their iOS device. The footage can then be uploaded into the appropriate Lesson Gems channel for sharing.

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Work Based Learning

Work based learning

Our solution makes work based learning a seamless process – pupils can film highlights of their work placement with the app. These highlight films can be tagged and uploaded into Star lesson and/or Lesson Gems and used by the pupil and the WBL member of staff to assess the effectiveness of the placement.

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Primary school pupils and their accompanying teachers can make video diaries of their transition days at their secondary school. These videos can be uploaded into Star Lesson and tagged and shared, they can also be uploaded into Lesson Gems where they can be shared with a plethora of interested parties such as parents, the secondary school that was visited and other transition pupils. The resulting footage is also a valuable resource for future transition pupils.

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